Custom Catalog Help

The custom catalog allows you to create your own personalized collection of plans you can download. To get started, visit the house search page.

There, use the filters in the right sidebar to find the plans that meet your criteria. You can sort search results using the links at the top, and navigate between pages of results at the bottom.

Plans in the search results all have an "add to catalog" link to put that house in your collection. There are also links to quickly add all search results and just that page of results at the top of the page.

Once you have selected house plans for your catalog, click the "My Catalog" link at the top or in the right sidebar. Here you can remove houses and sort the items. Use the "Printable PDF" link to create a PDF file with all the house plans in your catalog. You can also click "Print Entire Catalog" to download the latest version of the entire catalog.

So start now, and search our small house plans!

Print the entire catalog