The Cooke Street community recently celebrated their neighborhood with the inaugural Cooke Street Carnival, held on October 17.  Themed as “Fall, Feathers and Fringe Ya’ll”, the festival was a successful attempt by neighborhood leaders to gather diverse families in the area with a kid-friendly event , featuring music and food to celebrate all cultures.  Hundreds of people attended the event, which served as a great initiative to redefine this area as an interconnected community.

Cooke Street is located in Idlewild, east of Oakwood, and has historically been a community of African American professionals.  In 2006, the City of Raleigh Community Development Department completed a redevelopment of Cooke Street at the encouragement of community leaders to revitalize the area.

The neighborhood, which predominantly features TightLines designs, aimed to provide affordable homes with historic character.  When designing all of our homes, TightLines makes a conscious effort to encourage a strong community.  Integral to all of our designs is the connection of a home’s living space to the street. Deep front porches and front facing living rooms turn owners’ eyes to the street, encouraging conversations with passing neighbors and discouraging crime.  We are thrilled that our vision for this community has been continued by the efforts of these neighbors.

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