Designed by TightLines Designs, Habitat for Humanity of Wake County dedicated and blessed their 350th home and first certified green home on Earth Day. The home, located in the Cooke Street development in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina will be certified Gold through the North Carolina Healthy Built Homes program and will simultaneously meet System Vision and Energy Star requirements. The home design is The Carson, one of TightLines Designs most popular home designs. The design and green consulting services were donated by TightLines Designs.

The house features the following green components:

Energy Efficiency

  • Average monthly energy bill guaranteed to be less than $34
  • Energy Star refrigerator, dishwasher, and water heater
  • Insulation: properly insulated corners and walls, tight insulation around electrical boxes and wiring, caulked wood joints and holes to prevent air leakage, raised heel trusses to allow for proper attic insulation
  • Properly sized and sealed mechanical unit and ducts
  • Window configurations and 24” deep overhangs for optimal passive solar performance

Indoor Air Quality and Comfort

  • Low VOC paints and finishes
  • Low emitting cabinets and floor finishes
  • Fresh air make-up system
  • Bathroom fan (75 CFM) and range hood (100 CFM) exhaust to the outside to reduce chance of mold and mildew

Environment and Storm Water

  • Efficient land use due to 1/10 acre lot
  • Additional soil erosion control beyond existing regulations
  • Ribbon driveway pavement to reduce impervious surface that causes water runoff
  • Drought resistant plantings

Resource Conservation

  • Proximity to public transportation, green ways, and businesses
  • Additional material recycling and information on-site
  • Rain Barrel
  • Low flow faucets and toilets
  • Compact fluorescent lighting and new LED light fixtures for 75% of home


  • Homeowner is provided information about home maintenance, energy efficiency, and landscaping
  • Environmental awareness is promoted among volunteers and homeowners