TightLines Designs has partnered with ENERGY STAR® and Building Performance Engineering (BPE) to offer home plans that are Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR. 

For an additional fee of $250, any plan can be reviewed and approved by an accredited HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rater at BPE.  Approved plans are recognized nationally and include the necessary notes, details, specifications, and checklists that are required for acquiring the ENERGY STAR. To acheive the ENERGY STAR, homes must be built to comply with the ENERGY STAR requirements and involve a minimum of two HERS inspections, one during construction and one at the completion of construction.

ENERGY STAR homes reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide lower utility bills for homeowners. A checklist of construction standards for materials and installation must be met in order for a new home to earn the ENERGY STAR. The standards include: Effective Insulation, High-Performance Windows, Tight Construction and Ducts, Efficient Heating and Cooling Equipment,  Lighting and Appliances, and Third Party Verification.

To locate a certified HERS rater near you, visit http://www.resnet.us/trade/home-energy-raters-hers-raters

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