The Covenant Place Townhouse, built by Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Chattanooga Area using “The Filmore Triplex” design by TightLines is near completion and scheduled for dedication June 25.

This beautiful structure will become the home of Telisha McKinney and family, the refuge family of Jean Hitimana and Bahiti Magdalene, and Ashley Lee and family.   Already the three families are planning an area, in the stretch of common property  beside the townhouse, for a swing set and an place for their children to play.

Although this is the first townhouse the Chattanooga Habitat affiliate has built, it will not be the last.  Future Habitat homeowners have been most impressed with the room layout, the use of space and the front and back porches that lend themselves to private yet community living.

We are more than happy to share our experience  using this design.  Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Chattanooga Area, Construction and Land Development office (423) 756-0507 extension 17.