Doors and Windows

This was probably the easiest and quickest task. I installed weather-stripping at the casing of all my exterior doors and along the bottom of the doors. My single pane windows, being almost 100 years old, did not sit firmly and tightly at the bottom of the lower sash at the sill. And, being a wood to wood connection at the sash to sill and where the sashes overlap, air easily infiltrated. In fact, at some of the windows, if it was breezy outside it could blow out a candle on the inside… I installed simple foam weather-stripping under the bottom of the lower sash and along the back side of the top of the lower sash the seal the joint between the two sashes. Actually, I made my two teen-age sons do it, which will tell you how easy and quick it was…

All of these tasks are all about tightening the envelope of your home, keeping unwanted air out and conditioned air in. They’re simple yet offer huge benefits in energy savings.  Plus, as an added benefit, they also provide for having healthier indoor air. These tasks do take a little time, but, for me, each task could be attended to when I had time, picking up where I had last left.

Oh, and did I mention that I’m now enjoying much lower energy bills?