TightLines recently attended the EarthCraft House Virginia Single Family Program training in Lexington, Virginia.  Offered by leading builders across the Southeast, EarthCraft House is an award-winning green building program that serves as a blueprint for healthier, more comfortable homes. To date, over 1700 single family homes have been certified by EarthCraft.

At the training, the TightLines team learned about the fundamentals of building science including the movement of heat, air and moisture. This included technical industry knowledge on proper heating and cooling systems, controlled ventilation, complete insulation coverage and proper measures to allow the building envelope of a structure to act as a continuous air barrier.

With three levels of certification, EarthCraft houses are superior to typical construction because they exhibit a superior level of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, as well as innovation and durability. During the certification and inspection processes, homes are evaluated on a number of categories including resource efficient design and materials, site planning and energy efficient techniques and equipment.  Homes must receive a minimum of 150 points to receive certification. Once certified, an EarthCraft home benefits its occupants through a reduction in utility bills, improved air and water quality and enhanced comfort. EarthCraft reports its homes are on average 33% more efficient than non-certified homes.

The TightLines team looks forward to serving EarthCraft certified builders and builder members in the design of eco-friendly homes. For more information about EarthCraft Virginia, a non-profit institute that provides technical assistance to participating single and multi-family builders, please visit:  www.earthcraftvirginia.org