Many areas of eastern North Carolina are still being rebuilt following the heavy destruction caused by Hurricane Matthew in October 2016. TightLines Designs was recently contracted by the North Carolina Department of Emergency Management to provide house designs and plans for the purpose of hurricane recovery housing. We selected 16 of our plans and integrated customized design solutions to best fit the conditions of the area such as high wind zones details and offering a variety of integratabtle foundation options.
Homeowners will be able to select from the catalog of house designs that are both comparable in size and style to their homes prior to Hurricane Matthew. It was important to us to provide several different house design options so that families could have a variety of choice in the rebuilding of their homes. While these plans are intended to go beyond typical affordable housing standards, they also relate to the historic housing context that exists in many of these eastern NC communities and are meant to carry on the existing vernacular of the region.
We are excited to be working on this project and honored to help hundreds of families across NC in the rebuilding of their homes.