We have a “new housing type” (for us at least) that we’re excited to share! Trey Waters, along with Emily & Eric Brinker of The Northgate Group, approached us with an idea for an old one-story masonry building they purchased in Damascus, Virginia. Their goal was to create more housing in this great little downtown for both the tourists that come through during the busy summer months, as well as offer short-term rentals through the off-season months. The building has been entirely gutted and recombined back into one larger space. The new layout will consist of a large community room fronting Laurel Avenue, seven individual rooms with a private bath along one side of the building, and six suites along the other side of the building. The suites will each have a private bathroom and a full kitchen, and will connect in pairs so that guests may rent a larger space as needed.
As the Virginia Creeper Trail runs right through town, we’ve planned for ample bike storage at the rear of the building. The Appalachian Trail also runs through Damascus, so we know this will be a destination point for both bikers and hikers. And did we mention that the new Damascus Trail Center, which will house the Appalachian Trail Conservancy is also going up right next door? Looking forward to seeing this project completed & visiting this fall!