Today is our birthday! On August 11, 2005 our principal, David Maurer, formed TightLines Designs to help create affordable, single-family infill housing in the City of Raleigh – and we’ve been pedal to the metal every day since then! Over the the past 18 years we have:

-developed a catalog of 149 homes we share online
-hired great employees and moved into our own space
-attended or presented at over 20 conferences all across the southeast
-worked with 39 Habitat for Humanity affiliates in 12 states across the US
-designed homes in 30 states (plus a few in Canada)
-expanded to designing new construction or rehabilitating affordable multifamily & senior buildings, with 56 projects completed or currently under construction (which totals almost 3,800 units for deserving families!)
-built lasting relationships with clients (some for over a decade)
Here’s to creating many more great places to live in our community in the years to come! If you think we can help you, please don’t hesitate to reach out!