The Heights, part of the Grier Heights neighborhood in Charlotte, features a number of TightLines Designs homes, selected for their compatibility with the history of the neighborhood as well as their quality and energy efficiency.  The Grier Heights revitalization effort is in partnership with non-profit real estate developers Self-Help and CrossRoads. 

Prior to rehabilitation efforts, 88% of the residential units in Grier Heights were reported as rentals, many owned by out-of-state investors.  “We had a huge investor-owner type of neighborhood where investors just bought in, rented to whoever and there was no accountability on their part,” said Donnetta Collier with Self-Help.

25 blighted duplexes were demolished and 43 new single-family homes continue to be built in the neighborhood.  The revitalization effort also includes plans for after-school programs, a new medical center and job training for residents.

Homes built in the Grier Heights neighborhood between 2006 and 2013 range in price from $118,000 to $140,000, with lease-purchase opportunities available.

 TightLines home designs in Grier Heights include the Granville IIIMiranda I, and Winslow I.