Downtown Durham


As part of the Durham revitalization effort, Self Help built several TightLines houses to help bring new life to some of Durham’s most well-known neighborhoods, the West End and Lyon Park.  Both neighborhoods are conveniently located near Duke University, the American Tobacco District, and the Durham Freeway. These TightLines homes were [...]

Ole Asheboro


Several TightLines homes were built by Self Help in the Ole Asheboro neighborhood, located near downtown Greensboro, NC.  The quality, character, and energy efficiency of TightLines Designs made the Benson II, Bentley II, Delany II, Hadley II, Hawkins II, and Warren II excellent infill home designs for this 100-year-old neighborhood. [...]

Grier Heights


The Heights, part of the Grier Heights neighborhood in Charlotte, features a number of TightLines Designs homes, selected for their compatibility with the history of the neighborhood as well as their quality and energy efficiency.  The Grier Heights revitalization effort is in partnership with non-profit real estate developers Self-Help and CrossRoads.  Prior [...]

Goldsboro Historic District


Three TightLines Designs, constructed in 2008 by Self Help, were built in the Downtown Goldsboro National Historic District as part of the City of Goldsboro and Preservation North Carolina’s revitalization efforts. The Goldsboro Historic District includes both residential and commercial structures dating from the mid-1800s to the 1940s and consisting of [...]

Erlanger Mill Village


TightLines Designs worked with the City of Lexington Community Development Department to select and modify plans for the Erlanger Mill Village National Historic District. The selected homes, approved by the North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office, fit within the historic character of the neighborhood and will breathe life into this community.  [...]

Cooke Street


The Cooke Street Development is a downtown Raleigh pocket community developed through the City of Raleigh Community Development Department with an objective of creating a mixed income neighborhood combining affordable homes with historic character and individual style,  TightLines Designs provided design and construction consultation services as well as many of the home designs.  Prominently featured are a combination of [...]

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